Kids can Free the Children

WRITTEN BY: Maryam Hassan, Educational Awareness Coordinator, Free the Children – University of Toronto Chapter

“As a local affiliate of the international organization Kids Can Free The Children, the University of Toronto Free the Children chapter holds a mandate of helping to free children from poverty and exploitation around the world and helping young people realize that they truly are agents of positive social change in their own communities and abroad.”

The University of Toronto chapter of Free the Children has adopted the village of Osenetoi in Kenya. We have successfully met the goals of the first two of the five pillars of the sustainable development model: Education and Clean Water & Sanitation. This year, we are currently working towards the third pillar: Healthcare.

To meet our fundraising goals each year, we usually host galas and smaller fundraising events, like bake sales and pub nights. Through our events, as well as additional donations, we are able to successfully meet our goals.

As a club that highly depends on others’ engagement, active leadership on campus plays a huge role in helping us achieve our goals, while trying to engage other students and spread awareness about what we do. To me, being a leader means achieving your goals, while inspiring and empowering people along the way. I feel like we do this well as a club; for example, when we’re selling tickets to our events, we’re not only meeting our fundraising goals, we’re also having the opportunity to meet other students and connect with other clubs to spread awareness about social injustice issues, in hopes of also inspiring them to get involved and make a difference along the way.

What I enjoy most about leadership in Free the Children UofT club is that it allows students who are genuinely passionate about social justice and creating positive social change, to come together and make a difference in the world, as well as in our own communities. It allows like-minded people to connect, inspire, and grow, while making long-lasting friendships and having some fun along the way.

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