Team Building over the Holidays

Every year on the Greek Student’s Association we aim to maintain at atmosphere of inclusivity and engagement for our incoming directors and executives. Although we have small events throughout the year where we can each get to know each other through team work and fun activities, the holiday break is in particular a special time for team building. Following exams we always plan a Holiday/Christmas party at the house of our President on a day that is open for everyone. Prior to this part we pick names out of a hat for secret Santa which will occur on the day of our holiday party. This challenges members of the executive as a whole to take what they know about a fellow team member and translate it into a small thoughtful gift. If they don’t know someone as well it also enables members to get to know their team mates further. A really great aspect of this party is also the potluck dinner we get to enjoy, where everyone brings a dish and we get to share a communal dinner created by our team. Around time of our Christmas/holiday party we usually go Christmas caroling in Greek and English to the Hellenic Hope and the Hellenic Home. This is a way for us to give back to the community as a group. As there are varying degrees of comfort with singing on the council in enables out to rely on each other and sing together as a group for the enjoyment of those who may love or need some extra Christmas and Holiday cheer.

Written By: Eleftheria (Ellie) Minchopoulos, Fourth Year, Criminology

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