Meeting the Mosaic of Talent at WISENC16

Meeting the Mosaic of Talent at WISENC16

As graduation comes closer and closer, I often ask myself what have I learnt from the University that can translate into the professional realm?

If I had to narrow it down to a certain experience or club, I’d have to say it was through the involvement with Women in Science and Engineering at UofT that has given me the confidence of tackling the professional world post graduation.

Women in Science and Engineering at UofT aims to foster the professional and personal development of post secondary students through various initiatives such as community outreach, professional development, mentorship and lastly it’s national conference. Just this past weekend, January 23-24th, over 200 delegates from 6 different universities across the nation gathered at Toronto Board of Trade for Women in Science and Engineering National Conference 2016 (WISENC16). WISENC16 is a 2 day conference full of networking events, insightful keynotes, thought-provoking panelists, challenging competitions and stimulating workshops. With speakers like Jaqueline Shan, Founder of ColdFx and Ryan Doherty, Founder and President of, this weekend featured key opportunities for the mosaic of talent in the engineering and science communities.

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Delegates were in a privileged position to network with industry leaders and reps to gauge the professional world. With workshops titled “Finding The Company Culture That Fits Your Strengths” presented by Samsung to “How to be a good story teller” hosted by Accenture the workshops gave delegates the knowledge base that will allow them to thrive in interview and networking environments.

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Women in Science and Engineering at UofT recognizes the talent from our students and is delighted to offer various events throughout the year that aim to empower and inspire like-minded individuals to thrive in their industry. Looking for more opportunities to get involved with WISE?

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Written by: Toni Dayno

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