Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award: Profile #5 – Minna Frederick

Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award: Profile #5 – Minna Frederick

1. In your experience, what impact does student leadership have on campus? What has it taught you? Has it enhanced your education?

Most of my extra-curricular experience on campus has focussed on LGBTQ student organizing. Finding student leaders in the LGBTQ community was really important to me when I first came to U of T. The peer leaders I found as a new student really shaped my experience here and inspired me to get involved in those same roles later on. I had a very basic understanding of the LGBTQ community going in, and this experience has resulted in a much more complex approach that makes me a better community member and leader.


2. Has your experience outside the classroom helped define your career ambitions as you leave U of T?

I’ve definitely found my experience in volunteer roles on campus has helped me develop employable skills and explore different career paths. Through my social justice work I’ve been able to learn a lot about the way social justice is put into action on the ground, which has been enhanced my academics and was extremely valuable to me on a personal level as well.


3. What piece of advice would you give students who are thinking of getting involved outside the classroom?

Take the time to find experiences that fit best for you. I tried quite a few opportunities before I found the groups and organizations that were doing work that really excited me. Be creative in your search, there are so many opportunities at U of T and you might be missing out if you’re only looking within your immediate friend group. It takes a bit of initiative and a willingness to take risks, but it has been well worth it for me.

WRITTEN BY: Minna Frederick – English and Sexual Diversity Studies

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