Leadership in the Indian Students’ Society

Leadership in the Indian Students’ Society

The Indian Students’ Society (ISS) is a cultural club at the University of Toronto. We strive to celebrate and propagate a rich multicultural India through heritage, food, commerce, art, thought, awareness, and more at the University of Toronto. Our mission is to integrate the student society at the university by presenting a diverse India in a friendly way for our non-Indian friends to learn and understand our country’s and culture’s true nature, and involving those of Indian origin in more than just a social manner.

Often we imagine and traditionally depict leadership as a situation where one individual governs and guides a group of subordinates. The leader reflects the opinions of his/her followers and acts to bring about change. However, we at ISS have molded this rather traditional view of leadership into one that is not about a single individual leading others but rather a group of individuals working together towards a common goal. We believe that leadership doesn’t have to be singular; there can be multiple leaders with unique thoughts and opinions.

The union of these individuals galvanize an accumulation of varying ideas that are directed towards well-balanced decisions and plans. Each member of the group plays a different part in this transaction, allowing the leaders to satisfy the wants and needs of their fellow members; individuals who specialize in a particular area can address specific concerns of members and increase the society’s efficiency. As a multicultural organization that aims to promote diversity, we work to be open-minded leaders who welcome the opinions and wishes of our members. Quite simply, leadership isn’t about focusing on only one person or one goal, it is the idea of uniting a plethora of individuals who have similar passions.

WRITTEN BY: Mranali Dengre, First Year Representative, ISS

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