5 Principles that Will Change the Way You Think About Your Relationship with Leadership

5 Principles that Will Change the Way You Think About Your Relationship with Leadership

In a world that is rapidly changing and increasingly competitive; a shift has taken place where employers are not only concerned with marks but are putting a larger emphasis on the leadership experience of candidates when deliberating on potential hires. But what is leadership? You can ask 50 people on campus and get 50 very different answers.   If there is such ambiguity around this word how do you know if you are leader, and taking on the right experiences to set you up for success in the future? In response to this, Student & Campus Community Development is piloting an innovative program called the Peer Leadership Facilitator program whose mandate is twofold: Firstly, this program offers students interested in facilitation, public speaking, and program design an opportunity work for the university while developing their unique strengths and values on leadership; and secondly: this program is designed to support and raise the quality of leadership programming across the U of T campus by providing workshop and leadership simulations to undergrad and grad students interested in learning more about leadership. The following 5 principles are at the core of the work that this team does and helps shape the objectives and learning outcomes of their programing.

5 Leadership Principles

  • Leadership is for everyoneanyone has the potential to be a leader. It is not only for some
  • Leadership is about working together everyone bring their own strengths to a team that can be used together to achieve a goal
  • Leadership is more than a title – it`s not just about having a formal role or position, but can be something done by anyone no matter where they are within an organization of group.
  • Leadership can happen anywhere – it can happen at school, it can happen at home, it can happen in your residence room…
  • Leadership can be learned – it is about self-awareness and skill development – both things you can learn and practice

In a world that values leadership experiences more than ever it is important that you have a strong understanding of these principles and how they relate to you. If you are interested in becoming a Peer Leadership Facilitator click here or if you would like to be involved in their programing please click on leadership programs to learn more.

Written By: Mischa Hamara, Leadership Facilitator, Student and Campus Community Development

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