Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award: Profile #2 – Amanda Santos

Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award: Profile #2 – Amanda Santos

1. How did you go into a position of student leadership at U of T? Was it something you pursued, or happen organically over your time here?

I was very involved in high-school, so naturally I pursued extra-curricular opportunities in my first year. By third year, I founded my own club and by fourth, I was educating other student leaders through the ULead program.


2. How does it feel to be nominated and receiving a Cressy Award?

Incredible. It’s great to be acknowledged for my contributions & to be part of a special group of U of T alumni just like me! 🙂


3. What piece of advice would you give students who are thinking of getting involved outside the classroom?

Do it! Do not be afraid to try new things and *really* dive in. Run for that leadership role, start a new club, pull an all-nighter for your team – the more of an investment you make into an organization, the more opportunities their are for personal growth. We all learn over time how to manage our academics and personal lives. It’s an awesome feeling at the end of four (or more years) to say that you did well academically but also made an impact on the lives on many of your peers through student life.

WRITTEN BY: Amanda Santos – Mechanical Engineering Class of 2014 + PEY

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