Making the Most of Your University Experience – Meet our Interns

Making the Most of Your University Experience – Meet our Interns

Every year Student and Campus Community Development hires interns to assist with the development and implementation of programs and services for students at U of T. Meet the interns and read their bios to learn about their role at S+CCD and involvement in the U of T community.



amanAman Chohan is a graduate student at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. He is currently finishing up his M.ED within the Leadership Higher and Adult Education department, focusing on Student Development and Student Resources. In addition, he is completing his Donship at Chestnut Residence, was the past Co-Chair of the Student Leadership Conference within the Office of Student Life, and was a past President and Orientation Coordinator of the Innis College Student Society.

Currently Aman is working as the Student Leader Training Intern at the Office of Student Life, where he will be working closely with the Leadership Team to help develop and execute leadership programming.



AndrewAndrew is the Program Intern for Orientation and Transition with the Office of Student Life. Andrew’s role involves helping to train and educate all the Orientation Coordinators from each college and faculty in preparation for orientation week, co-facilitating Orientation Leader training, and chairing a program called Kickstart which is a resource and academic based alternative to the divisional orientation.

Andrew is entering his fourth year of a Bachelor’s degree in Voice Performance at the Faculty of Music. Andrew greatly values his academics but his university experience was greatly enhanced by his participation in extra-curricular activities. In his first year he joined the Student Ambassador team at the faculty of music becoming involved in giving tours to incoming students, attending special events, assisting students at the Ontario Universities Fair, and helping to run things during the audition season. His experience as an ambassador encouraged him to assume a work-study position at the Faculty as the Assistant to the Admissions and Recruitment Officer, allowing him to work flexibly along with his school schedule, which put him in charge of the Student Ambassador team. Andrew has also been active in the student community as a past Vice President – Finance of the Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association and a past leader and coordinator of Orientation Week at the Faculty. Andrew continues his involvement into this school year as a Co-President of the Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association and the Co-Chair for Winterfest!

Andrew has truly valued his experience in the extra-curricular community as it has enhanced his capability to learn and process new information, and has also introduced him to a wonderful job opportunity that he would not have accessed without getting involved!



KaylahKaylah is the Mentorship Programs Intern within the Mentorship and Peer Programs Resource Centre. Her role is to support UofT’s various mentorship programs to ensure that students are experiencing the learning and growth that will support them through their university journey.

She recently graduated with a double Major in Conservation Biology and Psychology, and a Minor in Environmental Biology. Her academics weren’t what made her university experience so great though; it was the learning and growth she experienced from getting involved with campus life. Though she “shopped around” a lot when she first started getting involved, within the last couple years of her undergrad she committed to a select few opportunities that aligned with her passions and values. In particular, she spent a lot of time in a work-study position with the Centre for Community Partnerships, as an Ambassador of Hart House, and as President of the UofT Veg Club. Her love of mentorship was present throughout all of this as well; she was a Mentor in the Woodsworth College First Year Mentorship Program for three years, and she also created a Mentorship Program for the Veg Club.

What she enjoyed most about her experiences getting involved was that it provided a context for what she was learning through her academics. It helped reveal for her the value of experiential learning, and that learning outside the classroom was just as beneficial as learning inside the classroom.



MelinaMelina is the Campus Organization Intern under the Clubs and Leadership Development Team. She is currently helping to develop a new day-long retreat aimed to provide higher-level leadership training for Club Presidents; in addition to the retreat, she is working on a collaborative conference comprised of various workshops which offer club management and organization skills, as well as theoretical and conceptual approaches to leadership. She hopes her role within Ulead will reinforce a sense of confidence and direction in club members by providing participatory workshops and sessions focused on growth.

Melina recently graduated with a double major in English Literature and Cinema Studies, while also taking enough elective Art History courses to constitute as a minor. She coupled her academic interests with the arts and culture community of U of T by joining a number of Hart House classes throughout her undergrad; these included Super 8 Filmmaking, various ballet classes, and open mic nights. She published work in the Hart House Review and later became an editor, and spent her last two years working as a Hart House Ambassador. Melina was also a Student Life Community Crew member, where she had the pleasure of interacting with first year students on a personal and public level. Throughout her undergrad, Melina also began learning about the importance of physical and mental wellness, and hopes to bring that aspect of her life into the Ulead workshops by providing space for reflection, relaxation, and fun creative energizers.

Melina is super excited about her internship position within the Clubs and Leadership Development Team, and loves the process of deconstructing the needs and interests of students to then create workshops and conferences which fulfill the goals that students aim to meet while in school and beyond.



MinnaMinna is the Campus Involvement Intern with the Student & Campus Community Development Team. Her role is focused on U of T’s Co-Curricular Record program, which encourages student involvement outside of the classroom and provides recognition for student’s co-curricular experiences. She facilitates training sessions, develops training and outreach materials, and manages the CCR validation of student-led clubs and groups.

Minna recently graduated with an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Sexual Diversity Studies. Minna’s involvement began with a Member at Large position at VicPride!, Victoria College’s LGBTQ student group. Through this experience, Minna connected with the Sexual and Gender Diversity Office as well as the Office of Student Life. By the end of her time at university, she completed roles as the Co-Chair of the Lead with Pride Conference and President of VicPride!, as well as smaller roles in Queer Orientation, the Pride Pub, and the Queer Roundtable. Working on the Conference also led her to apply for a work-study position at the Office of Student Life, which grew into her current position as Campus Involvement Intern.

Although Minna was also focused on her academics, her involvement on campus shaped her future career goals, connected her with friends and mentors, and prepared her for future opportunities.



TeresaTeresa Didiano is the Leadership Development Intern with the Clubs and Leadership Development team. Teresa’s role is to plan and coordinate a leadership conference and Peer Leadership Facilitator Program, as well as support various undergraduate and graduate leadership initiatives.

Teresa is currently completing a M.Sc. in Ecohydrology which means she spends her time conducting cool experiments in the great outdoors! Prior to this, she completed an H.B.Sc. in Biology, Environmental Science, and Geography at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM). During undergraduate studies, Teresa’s leadership roles included being an Orientation Leader and Vice-president External for the Student Association of Geography and Environment Students. She also participated in academic opportunities such as a Research Opportunity Program, Independent Research Project, and an environmental internship – all of which guided and developed her research focus for graduate school. During graduate studies, Teresa developed an interest in student development and support services. Wanting the opportunity to develop programs and services for university students, she was a Coach for First in the Family in the Dept. of Student Life at UTM and helped organized the Student Leadership Conference: Represent with the Office of Student Life at U of T.

The breath and diversity of opportunities at U of T provided Teresa with a unique experiential learning opportunity. She credits her participation in the university community for enhancing her academic experience, as well as building skills and knowledge for both personal and professional growth. Most importantly, she gained awesome lifelong friends through her involvement at U of T!


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