The Student Leadership Spectrum

The Student Leadership Spectrum

Being invited to attend the CCSL as a presenter was a huge moment for me as a student leader on the University of Toronto campus. I have been involved in campus organizations every year of my undergrad, but I had not identified myself as a leader prior to attending the conference. My experience presenting at the conference was motivating and exciting. It helped me identify where I feel confident in the student leadership spectrum and where I can continue to improve.

Prior to the conference, I was really lucky to be able to work with the team of delegates from New College. We were all presenting and we used the meetings to share ideas, and give feedback on each presentation. I found this extremely helpful as I was receiving feedback from my peers but also from professionals in the Student Life department at New College. I don’t think I realized how large this conference was until I got there, but it turned out to be an incredibly supportive stage for student leaders to share their thoughts and ideas about leadership in colleges and universities across Canada. It was also really interesting for me to be “on the other side” as a presenter and answer questions about my experiences and help other student leaders navigate issues in their organizations or develop new ideas to implement with their teams.

I feel extremely lucky to have been able to represent the University of Toronto and New College at the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership and look forward to seeing this conference grow and hopefully I will be able to attend CCSL 2015 at the University of Manitoba!


Written By: Shannon McKechnie, UTSG – New College Student

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