New Semester, the best time to get involved!!!

New Semester, the best time to get involved!!!

I should get involved in something this semester and make my university life a better one!” After my first year in UTSC, I realized that my University life was nothing more than just going to classes and doing homework. I decided to take some action! I started researching on our school website and reached out to my friends who were actively involved on our campus. They told me to create my student life profile on Intranet and signed up for every position that I was interested in!

This is how I became the Event Marketing Lead in the Department of Student Life. As a part of this team, I have many opportunities to promote our campaigns and get involved in a variety of events. I can also meet diverse people and explore my network. It is very interesting to take my background in business and use it in this role.

Why go home right after the classes?

Once I get involved on our campus, I realize that it was easier to find more opportunities.  And in fact, not many people know that the Department of Student Life is providing us a lot of amazing leadership workshops and volunteer opportunities. It is a great way to stay motivated and build up a solid resume in your downtime. Take a look at Department of Student Life and find out what is happening on campus.





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