Appreciating U

Appreciating U

I was aiming to write a post on leadership transition. I then decided that would probably be not-so-interesting as a closing blog post this year.

Instead, I am writing about the Ulead Appreciation Night we hosted at Hart House on Thursday, April 11. Student Leaders (Curt and Sam) from the U of T Television club came to us and wanted to help host an event to recognize the hard work, volunteer time and tremendous effort that student leaders put into groups.

As much as the various Ulead facilitators (and many others) who helped deliver the program given their expertise, it is, in fact, the over 400 student leaders who participated in the program who have made a lasting impact in themselves or their group. For those who didn’t participate in the program, they learned to run their groups effectively with their own experience, or trial by fire – as was the case for me when I was a student leader.

As I spoke to some of the student leaders that night, I re-realized the tremendous work that student leaders of campus groups contribute to U of T is phenomenal. Many sacrifice their time to study for their time to enhancing student life. Many learn valuable and broad skills they never knew they had before. Many also leave a legacy on campus within their group as many commended their peer leaders.

So, here’s to a wonderful year of student leaders at U of T. You’re the ones making life for students awesome!

If you’d like to see highlights of the Ulead program and the Appreciation night, do checkout the Storify of it here:

Written By: Asim Ashraf
Asim is the Coordinator of Campus Organization Services in the Office of Student Life. He supports the services and programs for student leaders to enhance their group leadership skills and to navigate the universities resources. Asim was also a student leader at St. George while he was pursuing his degree in Neuroscience in groups like the Psychology Students’ Union, the Muslim Students’ Association, and the U of T International Health Program. You would catch Asim talking about mission, vision and goals in his office at 21 Sussex (or brunch on the weekends somewhere in Toronto)

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