Land Ahoy!: A day on Toronto Islands

phot looking at animal pens at Riverdale Farm
Riverdale Farm
It’s official, we are in the last half of summer. With August being two weeks away I’m certain all of us are thinking about the arrival of the fall semester. I’m also certain that many of us are recounting what we’ve done so far in the past months so as to plan accordingly for the remaining tank top days of the summer season. For myself, the summer has been a blur of problem sets, readings, and attempts at healthy life balances. I’ve hung out with friends, had many park days and in just the past week have set out to be the very best Pokemon trainer like no one ever was. What my summer hasn’t been is a day at the beach!  Well until this past weekend when I set out to explore Toronto Islands for the first time in what can only be described as forever and a half.