The “Study” in Study Abroad

Study abroad has been a life changing international experience where I have learned to live independently, experience a new culture, and study in a different academic environment. Most of my posts have been about the fun parts of traveling and living “abroad” part of studying abroad and now I am going to focus on the main reason for my exchange which is to “study” abroad.

Are You Going Global?




Guten Tag! 

Ni Hah! 

No, I don’t actually speak all these languages (gosh, I wish I did) but get this-  U of T has sent students to all the places these languages are spoken and many, many more besides. All the international programs through which students can study abroad will be having an informative fair this week at Sid Smith from Tuesday through till Thursday!


This time of year ushers in several new beginnings in Tokyo. It marks the beginning of the University of Tokyo’s school year, Japan’s fiscal year, and spring, represented in the cherry blossoms (sakura) decorating the city. Friends, families, and co-workers congregate in parks all…

A student’s experience studying abroad in Hong Kong

The University of Toronto provides students with a plethora of unique and interesting learning opportunities, many of which can quite literally be considered ‘once in a lifetime.’ One learning opportunity I unfortunately never pursued during my time as an undergraduate…