Lucy (2008-2010)

Commonly referred to as the "Idealistic" sub-species of Homo sapien, the LUCY is known for its dysfunctional understanding of the daily requirements for survival in the modern jungle of a society.  Though it belongs to a highly distinctive and specialized population, the LUCY has, over the course of evolution, adapted to its demanding and ever-changing environment by camouflaging itself in a variety of respectable trophic levels in the employment food chain. Despite this seemingly lack of commitment to external circumstances, the LUCY maintains a high motivation for self-survival and well-being by firmly adhering to its inner loyalties, visions, and deep personal beliefs. It can be easily identified by its gregarious and playful nature, as well as its constant pursuit for harmony. Its diet largely consists of chocolate, written words, and non-moth ball smelling vintage items.

The word “Lucy” is derived from the Latin word “lux/lucis”, meaning “light”. The sub-species also shares its name with the world’s oldest hominid fossil, discovered in 1974 in Ethiopia.

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