Heather (2008-09)

*Allow me to talk about … myself* -> *fanfare* I’m a hyperactive full time Fifth-year student with three jobs, three extracurriculars, and a social life. Read this blog and watch as I attempt to not have a stroke by the time I graduate. WHOOO! Favourite quote… …”Mother Teresa is a nice lady because it makes her feel good. I light things on fire for the same reason. The relative merit of either action can be argued, but the base motivation is exactly the same.” (Mark Denovich) My fav. food is… …without a doubt…the noodle-goodness of any pasta dish. Favourite blog/site… …the hardest question in the world for me: cutewithchris.com fourfour torontoist LOL manuscripts! Indexed xkcd and oh, so many more… Click here for Heather’s posts.

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