Fariya (2008-2010)


Fariya is a third-year student studying Criminology, Drama and Political Science. Ask her what she career she wants pursue, and she’ll tell you, "UN Ambassador, Actress, Human Rights Activist, Singer, Lawyer (international/criminal law) and Philanthropist," before you finish your question. "Oh, and Prime Minister!" Fariya is involved in all sorts of interesting projects, including being the CEO and Founder of an online organization called Change Tomorrow's World which serves to educate youth about global issues and inspire them to make change. Excited to be part of UpbeaT, she hopes to share her personal experiences with her online readers so that they may benefit (and not make the same mistakes!). She says, "What makes a university special is that it is like a microcosm of our world - we have the opportunity to bring many brilliant minds together, to share experiences, to learn and to laugh. UpbeaT is a special part of  the University of Toronto's student life that I am excited to contribute to, and I hope other individuals will share their comments/experiences so we can all learn from each other".  Always indulging her sweet tooth, you can find her at Second Cup, caught between hot chocolate and a brownie! Click here for Fariya's posts.

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