Liz (2010)

Where has she been? Who is she? LIZ. By mass, LIZ cells consist of 75 percent water, 15 percent coffee, and a variety of carbon-containing organic molecules. Ninety-nine percent of her body mass is made up of six elements: oxygen, hydrogen, olives, goat cheese, cocoa butter, and phosphorus. Eight months of the year, LIZ spends the majority of her days under the fluorescent lights of U of T libraries, studying Economics and Political Theory, with the remainder of the time spent running around writing for The Varsity. She prefers wordplay to swordplay, and has an atypical love of en dashes and Oxford commas (but not Oxford Comma). Sometimes, she wishes she could explanatory-footnote her speech*. *and spends a lot of time thinking about how she would do it.

1 comment on “Liz (2010)

  1. Liz, if you could write a letter to en dash or Oxford comma – what would you say? If you visit, you will see that a disappointed girl named Annie wrote to quotation mark and asked “Do you ever have any ideas of your own?”

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