Social Media’s Double Edged Sword

I know I’m stating the obvious here, but social media has become an enormous part of our lives. It’s hard to imagine the days when we didn’t have a million apps to share our photos and thoughts and connect with our friends on. For me, going on exchange has made it even harder to imagine a social media-free life. I never used to use social media on my phone, but now my phone (and all of my precious social media apps!) are almost permanently glued to my hand. I’m becoming a serious addict! What’s going on??

An Insider’s Guide to Choosing Courses on Exchange

Well, it actually happened. Real life is back: school started again after the winter break, classes are in full swing, and assignment deadlines are looming again. All of that fun academic stuff – classes, assignments, readings and lectures – might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about exchange, but they do form a big part of your experience. So I thought the time was probably right to write a post about choosing your courses while you’re studying abroad.

Should you go on exchange?

With the semester coming quickly to a close and my time at University of Edinburgh wrapping up, I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic. My exchange has gone by way too fast, and it’s gotten me thinking about whether I would do it over again. Was spending my last semester at U of T studying abroad the right decision? And is exchange maybe just one of those things everyone should do?

The short answer to that question is a absolutely, definitely, positively, 100% yes. If you’re too busy trying to dig yourself out from under a pile of essay writing, you can just stop reading here and go start your exchange application now.

My home for the last three months: University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh, my home for the semester. One of the perks of exchange = beautiful new campus to explore.

Five reasons to go on exchange

I studied abroad twice during my undergrad at U of T (I wrote about my time in Berlin a while back on the blog). I learned so much during those trips, made some of my favourite memories, and met some of my favourite people.

Deadlines for exchange are coming up, so if you’re thinking about going abroad this summer or next year, it’s time to get moving on those applications!

Not sure if exchange is for you? Here’s five reasons why I think you should think about it.