A Diary in Pictures: Day(s) in the Life of an Intern

Since I started my job, a lot of people have asked me what is it that I do when I come in in the morning. Apart from my Weekly Wednesday post, what happens in my day? Well, I’m glad you asked, so today’s post is all about me. ME. A day in the life of an intern. Why don’t we start from the very beginning?

Cynthia’s Day at the Office

Every morning, I wake up at 6:50am, take a shower, brush my teeth… oh wait. Not interesting? Okay. Let’s fast forward a bit.

“Uh, so what did I learn from humanities?” Mary gets a rock for Christmas

“So really, what’s the point?”  This is the question that creeps into my consciousness with frightening regularity. Particularly now that I’m finishing university and graduating with a specialist in history, without any palpable skills other than supposedly being able to…