April Musings

In true Emaan fashion, I’m going to start off by talking about the weather today.

I know I’ve taken my fair share of jabs at old Mother Nature and her troupe (Wind, Snow, Rain and the foster child Hail) but when the entire fam has taken it upon themselves to behave throughout my entire exam period, it’s time to give thanks.

JUST LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIFUL TWO DIGITS! spring is finally, finally here!
JUST LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIFUL TWO DIGITS! spring is finally, finally here!

Exam Season Special: Secluded Study Spots

This is me, a week before my first exam on Monday. 

photo of me pulling a horrendous face because I am oh-so-freaked out about exam season

Slightly frantic, considering there are hundreds of pages of extremely dense readings to  review and only seven days in which to accomplish this.

Did some light reading, copied down some old lecture notes, went over two problem sets. (with periodic Facebook breaks in between, of course. A girl’s gotta stay updated, right?) 

Now, this is me, three days before my first final on Monday:

from allgifs.com
from allgifs.com

No, that’s not actually me, but in case it helps, let me paint a picture for you…with words.

It is 6PM.

I have my hair scraped up high into a no-nonsense bun complete with hideous scrunchie (#90sthrowback)

My backpack is crammed with notebooks, heaps of papers and a pack of felt-tips in obnoxiously bright colours.

I’ve got a massive textbook in one hand and Gatorade in the other.

It’s showtime. 

We’re (Almost) Halfway There

Bon Jovi is my current studybreak JAM.
Bon Jovi is my current studybreak JAM.

Now that we’re almost into April and spring, I’m also almost into the end of my second year here at U of T.

And I can’t help but think about the fact that I am indeed, Halfway There. 

Halfway through my undergraduate degree and a mere two years from graduation.

Time doesn’t just fly- it soars.

Sands of Time: A Reflection

Thursday, January 28th, 2016 was just one of Those Days

We all know Those Days. We’ve all had them.

We all know what it’s like when the day takes a completely different turn and leaves you feeling like a powerless passenger instead of firmly planted in the driver’s seat. I was made quite familiar with the feeling on that particular Thursday- thanks to a series of (unfortunate) events: a laptop charger forgotten at home, multiple transit delays, some overambitious weather estimating (I thought it would actually be six degrees outside) a very ungraceful fall in Queen’s Park and to top it all off- an interview! which meant nerves nerves nerves.

The Weird and the Wonderful: A New Year’s Resolution

Well, hello there, U of T! I know it’s been three weeks since we rung in 2016 and the ‘new year’ excitement has worn off considerably with classes and assignments already piling up (it’s not just me, right??)  but being my first post of this year- let’s talk resolutions.

For me, seeing as most of my courses are full-year, the second semester always seems to be longer, more difficult and most importantly, colder. (though I’m told that this winter is one of the mildest yet- positive temperatures in January- whaaaat?!) But even though the second semester brings on so many more challenges to deal with, I decided to voluntarily add another little one on the side in the form of a resolution: to explore Toronto more. Last year was a busy one, and what with academics, commuting, and managing extracurriculars, I found myself not venturing outside the ‘U of T bubble’ as often as I should have, which is really a pity considering how much Toronto has to offer.