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Alternative Reading Week: Community Leadership and Compassion – Life @ U of  T

It’s reading week again and I honestly can’t wrap my head around the fact that we’re halfway through the term. This reading week, though, much like last term I am swamped with quite a bit of work because I come back to three midterms and two quizzes. A lot of the people I interacted with also told me that they too come back to quite some work but to those of you who are relatively free this week, I’d like to inform you about Alternative Reading Week which will be held from February 22nd to 24th.

During Alternative Reading Week (ARW) hundreds of University of Toronto students volunteer with local community groups for three days. Students contribute meaningfully, form relationships, and get a better understanding of Toronto.

Alternative Reading Week will provide virtual possibilities to develop relationships in community groups around Toronto and get useful experience during the Winter 2022 Alternative Reading Week.

The theme for this year’s Alternative Reading Week is Learn With, Learn From and Grow With.
Participants in Learn With are encouraged to respect and appreciate the knowledge maintained in the communities where we volunteer and come from.
Learn From values community knowledge and reciprocity.
Grow With is a phrase that alludes to the ongoing task of appreciating various types of information while also developing in that knowledge.

ARW offers three ways to become involved: as a participant, a project leader, or a mentor project leader.

Join us for the three days of Alternative Reading Week in Winter 2022! Choose a project, be assigned to a group of classmates and a project leader, and collaborate with one of our community partners, either electronically or in person.

Project Leader
Every year, our network of project leaders makes over 28 initiatives feasible! If you loved participating in ARW in past years, come back and lead a project and become a member of our project leader community. This is a great way to get more active with ARW while also honing your leadership and community-building abilities.

Mentor Project Leader
Continue to learn and develop with us by sharing your project management expertise with new project managers and working behind the scenes to make ARW a reality. Mentor project leaders assist other project leaders with training. As we study together, they share their expertise and offer help to others.

These are the four sub-themes for our ARW projects:

Youth Engagement
Art-Based Projects
Planning, Research or Program Support
Community Engagement and Outreach

Have an amazing reading week and be sure to check out these amazing opportunities for alternative reading week.

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