My U of T Favourites

I’m nearing the end of my fourth year at U of T and I thought it would be fun to share a list of my ‘favourites’ from study spots to club events! Some of the favourites I have included are on-campus, so not available to us right now, but I’m hoping this post will inspire people to check out these places when we are able to come back! 

Favourite library/study spot: I love working in Emmanuel College Library, it’s tiny so there aren’t many people around and it looks straight out of Harry Potter! Though my ultimate study spot is the Annesley Hall library--tucked away in one of the Vic residence buildings and super cosy. 

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Favourite class (based on my major and minors): 

  • For my Classical Civilization major I loved Early Greece (CLA362) because it was all about the ancient Minoans. 
  • For my Art History minor Art Writing (FAH382) was amazing because there were a bunch of guest speakers who came to discuss how to find employment in the art world--probably the most helpful course I’ve taken at university. 
  • And for my Creative Expression minor, my favourite course--probably of all time--was Creative Writing (ENG389) with Professor McGill. 

Favourite events: Anything at the Hart House Theatre--there are so many amazing shows to watch all throughout the year. The Drama Festival is coming up in a few next week and can be watched online here

Cred: U of T Drama Coalition

Favourite gym: In my opinion, Hart House is the best place to work out because the dance studio is usually open to fool around in and the interior architecture is magnificent. At first the winding passageways can be confusing but I think it adds to the experience. Hart House also has a bunch of drop-in classes to choose from, which continue to be taught online, check them out here.

Favourite Hart House drop-in: Zumba of course! 

Favourite architecture: U of T is known for its architecture, so the Classics Department building is my favourite. If you ever get the chance to poke your head inside there is a grand marble staircase and a huge stained glass window in the lobby. 

Favourite club I’ve been a part of: The Only Human Dance Collective--at this point I’ve probably mentioned OHDC in too many blog posts, but it’s a club that truly made me feel welcome at U of T. It’s an all inclusive dance club where beginners are welcomed and there is even the opportunity to choreograph pieces.

Favourite year: I think there’s been struggles and enjoyable moments in all the years I’ve been at U of T but I definitely enjoyed second year the most--though, I have enjoyed the content of my fourth year classes the most.

Those are my memorable favourites from U of T and I recommend checking them all out. What are some of your favourites?😁

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