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Love of Self Day: Attending the Afro-Fusion Cardio Dance Class

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the spirit of love is in the air. It’s important that amidst the Valentine’s Day excitement, the concept of self-love doesn’t get left behind. That’s why U of T’s Sport & Rec division named February 12th Love of Self Day. In honour of the day, Sport & Rec ran a series of online workout classes that provide attendees the chance to
take some “me time” and destress. I, for one, celebrated Love of Self Day by attending the Afro-Fusion Cardio Dance class.

During the class, the instructor guided us through a series of dances, repeatedly going over the movements to make sure everyone had plenty of time to catch on. As someone who is woefully uncoordinated and eternally off-beat, dancing certainly doesn’t come naturally to me. But that didn’t stop the class from being a great addition to my day. The class felt personable and welcoming, largely because the instructor was so interactive and upbeat.
Though I’m an admittedly awkward dancer, the class was high energy and all about getting that heart rate up…so I couldn’t be bothered to care about how silly I looked. Instead, I did my best to follow along and just enjoy myself. After all, isn’t a big part of self-love learning to push your boundaries and be confident in doing so?
Another great feature about this class is how adaptable it is. For someone like me who is just looking to get moving and improve my dancing skills, the Afro-Fusion Cardio Dance class is perfect. For someone more well-versed in the art of dance than I am, this class would also be a great fit.

Regardless of dancing skill level, the 5PM timing of the class makes it a good way foranyone to get some active minutes in at the end of the work day.
The U of T virtual fitness classes are a tremendous resource in terms of enabling students to keep active despite being stuck at home. If you’re looking to take advantage of the wide range of classes offered, I definitely recommend attending the Afro-Fusion Cardio Dance class.
Whether it’s Love of Self Day or not, it’s always important to carve out time to get moving—the Cardio Dance class just makes it easy and fun to do exactly that.

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