4 Ways to Enjoy a Winter Day

The transition from a fall coat to a full-on winter jacket marks the true beginning of winter¾well, to me at least. With the recent drop in temperatures from this week, I’ve donned my winter coat and accepted that it’s probably only going to get colder from here on out. After accepting this reality, I realized that perhaps this isn’t such a bleak realization with all the winter activities to look forward to. So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite ways to soak up a beautiful snowy day.

1.Ice Skating

Gyms (amongst other things) may be closed, but outdoor rinks are open. Haven’t worn skates recently and feeling a little rusty? That’s nothing to worry about! Outdoor rinks are fun, family-oriented places to enjoy a good skate. One of the best parts about outdoor skating is that no matter the temperature, once you get moving, you’re sure to warm up. If you’re a hockey nut like myself and missing the chance to hit the ice, look up the schedule for your local rink¾some of them are offering shinny times.


One thing I’ve learned about Toronto winters since I moved here is that the snow is fickle. While it lasts, grab a sled, some friends, and head for your local park. Hiking back up the hill to sled down is sure to get your heart pumping. I personally recommend wearing ski goggles¾yes, I know, you’ll have to compromise fashion on this one¾when sledding to avoid getting a face full of frost.

3.Snow Ball Fights

Another thing to do while there’s still snow on the ground is to have a snowball fight with friends. Paired with a warm cup of hot chocolate, there’s basically nothing better. They’re a great way to get outside and enjoy the day, and are sure to leave you with fun memories to look back on.

4.Snowman-Building Competition            

Can you picture that perfect snowman from every cartoon? You know, the one with the top hat and the carrot nose? Well, with online school in full swing and winter fast approaching, now is the perfect time to hone your snowman craftsmanship. Having a snowman-building competition is easily done while socially-distanced, and certain to add some comedy to your day. Plus, it’s bound to complete some sort of childhood dream…or maybe that’s just me

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