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My Productive Morning Routine

I am a strong believer that the way I start my morning affects the rest of my day. This post is about my morning routine on a normal school day, with the goal of making sure I stay productive! 

Wake up: I set a bunch of alarms starting at 7:00am and ranging until 8:30am. I do this because some days it’s easier to get up right away, but other times I need to stay in bed just a little bit longer. 

Open the blinds: when my first alarm rings I always open the blinds even if I’m going back to sleep because I know the light will help me wake up. 

Window, open blinds.

Get dressed: the first thing I do when I step out of bed is get dressed. No matter what my plan is for the day (but let’s be honest it’s usually staring at a computer for 8 hours doing school work) I make sure to get out of my pyjamas (and into sweatpants). 

Me taking a pic int he mirror.

Perfume: this is my last touch for getting ready. I started putting perfume on in the mornings this year (even though only my roommate sees me) because I associate the smell with being ready to get to work. I swear it really does make me feel more prepared for the day. 

Tea time: the most important aspect of my morning routine is turning on the kettle and making a warm cup of tea! 

Red tea kettle and mug of tea.

Check the weather: while the kettle is boiling I open the door to feel what the temperature is outside. Usually I just stand there while I wait for my tea to be boiled. This is a necessary step because it determines where I go next! 

Me, standing in opening of the door to outside.

Reading/working: when my tea is ready I get right to work. I either start readings right away, or I work on an essay. This is what ultimately determines the productivity of my entire day. If I get things done in the morning, I’m way more motivated to continue doing work later on. I’m also convinced I write the best essays in the mornings. If it’s warm out, I’ll sit on the porch to do work.

Open laptop with notebooks and mug of tea.

Agenda list: after I’ve completed the workload I set out to do, I make a list in my agenda for what else needs to be accomplished during the day. 

Breakfast: then it’s time to eat!! 

Strawberries, yogurt, honey in a bowl.

This morning routine usually ends at 10:00am or 11:00am depending on when my first Zoom class begins. I swear starting work in the morning leads to a productive day simply because my brain isn’t awake enough to procrastinate. 

I used to think that having an easy-going morning was important (I would wake up late, drink tea and watch Youtube videos for about an hour) because it felt like my preparation for the day–but now getting work done earlier means I will have a better afternoon. 

What is a staple of your morning routine?😁

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