8 Book Recommendations for Summer 2020

Since this was the last week of classes, I finally have some time to do some outside-of-academia reading! This week’s post is a book recommendation because I always find that lists like this inspire me to read more. I’ve also decided to tackle a long overdue task: organizing my bookshelf. Since I’ve literally pulled all the books off my shelf, my recommendation list is based only on what I own! Also, I tried to choose books that I love but are not so popular enough to be on every book recommendation list ever.  1. The Island of Doctor Moreau - H.G. Wells This is possibly my favourite novel of all time, it's a mix between a creepy adventure with a side romance.          2. The Woman in Black - Susan Hill A great story for horror fans. There’s nothing particularly gruesome (which is why I like it) but it does make me extremely paranoid if I read it at night. All I’m going to say is that it’s NOTHING like the movie.        3. The English Patient - Michael Ondaatje I read this book in high school and have never forgotten it. It’s one of the best works of fiction that I’ve read about WWII, and a lot of the themes are still relevant today! “We are communal histories, communal books. We are not owned or monogamous in our taste or experience. All I desired was to walk upon such an earth that had no maps.”    4. The Song of Achilles - Madeleine Miller  As a Classics student I cannot recommend this book enough. It’s a retelling of Homer’s Iliad but it focuses on Achilles and Patroclus’ youth. The writing is especially poetic, and I’m sure that anyone who is fond of Greek mythology would enjoy this.      5. Luka and the Fire of Life - Salman Rushdie This is a fun book to read (especially out loud) because of all the word play. Basically an adventure story with plenty of riddles!          6. The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern This is what I would call an aesthetically pleasing book. The writing really focuses on stimulating the senses--lots of descriptions of smells, sights, feelings (in a good way). This story has some fantastical elements since it follows the history of a mysterious circus.      7. The Secret History - Donna Tartt Another Classics book because I can’t help it. Dark academia meets murder mystery with many, many plot twists. I found this book especially interesting because it follows a group of university students--I think I read it at the right time in my life!     8. The Perfect Day for Bananafish - J. D. Salinger If you’re looking for something short and heartbreaking, this is one of my favourite short stories EVER, and you can find it online for free.        If you need a way to access reading material (or audiobooks) Hoopla is basically Canada’s online library service. All you need to do is sign in with your library card! I’m always looking to add to my reading list so, what book would you recommend? 

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