Coming back home

During uncertain times like these, it's easy to feel lost. A year ago, while planning my semester abroad, if anyone would have told me or even suggested that something like this was going to happen, I would've laughed it off. Now, I write this as I sit in the airplane on my way back from London, four months before planned. After going through a real roller coaster of emotions, I finally have some time to sit down and look back.
A dorm all packed up with suitcases on the right.
All ready to go
For the past couple of days, I struggled to find anything positive about what was happening in my life. I had put off doing so many things that I really wanted to do in London because I was going to be done classes soon, and I was going to have lots of time to explore. But there is no point in playing that over and over again in my head. My time in London is over now. Instead, I decided to start thinking about all the amazing things that I did get to do, and the incredible friends that I made. Now, I'm choosing to focus on my experience, and what this lesson has taught me. For example, I still get excited when I think about the "Tate Lates". These were when the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern opened after hours and held workshops, live music, and small parties. I went to one in each, and both of them were so much fun. Looking back, it feels so surreal. Something that I will remember forever is being in the Tate Britain, drinking a fancy Gin & Tonic (a classic British cocktail), in a room full of beautiful art, listening to live music with my friend. Or how we got to experiment with a green screen app!
A room in the Tate Britain with pink and blue lights. The room is full of young people
Live music at the Tate Britain!
Something I'm also incredibly grateful for, is my mom's visit. Even my older brother decided to tag along. As I showed them around, I also got to do lots of things I had been planning to but hadn't found time to go do it alone. We also made it all the way to Scotland! Having someone who wants to go out and explore with you is always great, and I always have such good times with my mom and my brother.
Francesca and her mom smiling in front of the Edinburgh castle
with my mom in Edinburgh:)
If there's anything that this crazy experience has taught me, is that I should stop putting off the things I want to do in life and just go ahead and do them. You never know when you might be asked to isolate! If I'm always waiting for the perfect time to come, I'll end up missing out on so many things. So, for now, I'm going to read the three books that have been on my nightstand for months, watch movies that I've been meaning to watch, and even try out the at-home-workouts that I've been intending to try.

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