Looking for something new? Try new drop in fitness programs on campus!

The winter blues — I’m sure many of us have been feeling it. I have been stuck in some kind of rut in terms of physical health, mental health, and academics.  As we arrive towards the end of academic term, spring is approaching. Normally, I always feel sluggish during spring. Maybe I have a hard time with the transition from winter: hibernation to activation. This year, the approach of spring made me realize my lack of physical activity A little more sun has motivated me to become more active. I recently started to try out drop-in fitness programs at the Athletic Centre and Goldring Fitness Centre. They recently renewed their fitness programs in January. So far, I’ve tried the Latin style cardio dance party, yoga and mediation, and Joga.
latin cardio dance party is a ton of fun!
The Latin style cardio dance party is a great way to get your heart pumping! It’s similar to aerobics, but incorporates Latin style dance moves like salsa. I love it because unlike dancing in dance studios, you don’t have to worry about how you look and instead, focus on challenging yourself! You’ll have loads of fun especially if you go with a couple of friends. The instructor is amazing and will motivate your Latin style dance moves every on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday either at the AC or GC.   Joga is a dynamic program that fuses pilates and yoga. The combination results in breathing exercises, core work, stretching, and meditation. I think it’s amazing, especially for myself, because I do not prefer lifting weights for strengthening, but at the same time have doing resistance training on my own. While strengthening the core and muscles, I don’t feel stressed because I am motivated by the instructor, and focused on deep breathing.  Yoga and meditation has been fruitful as well. During class, you focus on classical poses such as the warrior pose. Staying in different poses gives you the opportunity to reflect on your daily life. My favourite part is always Shavassana where you lie down on the mat for meditation! If you’ve been stressed out or want to try something new, I highly recommend you try these fitness programs. There is no commitment to all of these, (other than to your physical health) and access to fitness centres are included in our tuition fees.

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