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A Game Plan to Beat Procrastination

Have I been procrastinating writing my essays? Have I been procrastinating doing my laundry,  going grocery shopping, and even writing this blog post? The answers are all yes. 

Over the past year I have become a major procrastinator, getting everything done at the very last minute (if that). Most people probably find this relatable but I must note that I used to pride myself on my time management skills, I was a serious planner (making my course timetable brought me a lot of joy)! But now, I’m lucky if I get the work done. 

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So, after frequently asking myself, who have I become and where did my work ethic go? I’ve decided to make a game plan to combat my procrastination habits. I have no clue if this will work, but below I have listed four steps that I hope I get around to trying. 

1. Identify why I am procrastinating.

I’m a lazy perfectionist, so if what I’m doing doesn’t seem perfect the first time I find it difficult to motivate myself to try again. It was only this year that I realized that I waste so much time trying to find the right word to put in a sentence when writing, and by the time I find it I have completely lost my momentum. 

2. Break everything into smaller tasks. 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and when I say smaller steps I mean WAY smaller. Make the goal of writing the thesis statement for an essay, or half a body paragraph, rather than telling myself I need to finish it all by a certain day. 

3. Manage break time.

Time management isn’t just about managing the tasks that need to get done. Over the next few weeks I’m going to try and plan my leisure time too, to see how it goes. (Hopefully I spend less time watching YouTube.)

4. Change where you study.

I think location has a lot to do with what thoughts you have. I’m planning on studying in a number of locations (different libraries, cafes, even different locations in my apartment) so that I will feel more inspired and motivated. 

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This is my game plan to prevent procrastination! I’m hoping that putting this in a blog post will help encourage me to hold my word. If anyone else has tips on how to deal with procrastination please comment! 

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