Check out these Go-to Spots for Relaxing and Studying

Do you ever have an awkward amount of time to kill between classes and all you want to do is sit, relax or study in peace? I certainly do! U of T is an enormous place. In the beginning I didn’t know where to go and was constantly lost. The fact there are always so many people on campus didn't help. I finally have some “go-to” places on campus where I feel comfortable and can take a breath. The Buttery:
  • This is a welcoming spot to work on a group assignment with your peers. You are allowed to talk unlike many other U of T libraries. It’s also a great place to meet some friends for lunch as they have a wide variety of food to choose from. 
Green Beet Cafe
  • The Green Beet café has many delicious options: I often enjoy my lunch here, especially when I can find a table by their comfortable couch. When there are not many people here, I also like to finish some readings while sipping on a hot drink.
Knox College library:
  • I love this library because I love the warmth of the space; it feels like you are studying in Hogwarts! I love the high wooden ceiling, the wooden desks, and the chandeliers above. It’s very quiet, and location-wise, very convenient. It’s a great spot to focus on your work.
Athletic Centre café
  • This café is also not too crowded and has more great options for food. This cafe is ideal if you want to relax after a workout at the AC gym, or during your break from studying at Robarts. Bonus: they usually have a cool soundtrack in the background.
Cafe Reznikoff:
  • This is my go-to spot during an awkward 1 hour break before a class on St. George Street. I love their pastries: delicious and at student prices! Similarly, they have some great soundtracks playing in the background, which motivates me when I work on my laptop (when there is space).
Woodsworth College:
  • Have a mile-long checklist of to-do's? Check off your list at Woodsworth. The high ceilings and their very own Second Cup make spending time here a no-brainer. If you come here Wednesday mornings, WCSA also provides you with pancakes.

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