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Contingency Pack – Being Ready for Anything at U of T

All you Doomsday Preppers out there, this one is for you.
When you're late for class and rush out the door, the last thing you want is to be ill-prepared for the rest of the day. All you Doomsday Preppers out there, this one is for you. Here's what's in my bag to make sure I'm ready for almost anything (but an alien invasion) when on campus. Something to write on
three notebooks decorated with Gorilla Glue, Coca-cola and In-and-out stickers
the best part? Only I know which book contains what
sticky pad and pen
for those a-ha! moments
Over the past year, I've accumulated one too many free notebooks from orientation to Clubs Fair to Street Fest. I also discovered that if you send emails to big companies out in world that they will happily send you free stickers (try at own risk). So what does one do with a wealth of notebooks and funky stickers? YOU DECORATE YOUR NOTEBOOKS! I currently have three MoveU Notebooks being used to jot down various thoughts:
  1. A diary
  2. Stuff regarding my degree
  3. One for random ideas
I know it's 2018 but I feel that people are more likely to take offence when taking notes electronically, because hey, I could be on social media or watching alpaca videos for all you know. Taking notes on pen and paper shows that I am clearly present and focused on the task at hand. These lightweight pocket notebooks allow me to do just that. Lifelines
calculator, power bank, charger, phone cable and USB stick
my life lines
I know what you're thinking. This list is sounding a tad heavy (I would've weighed my bag + everything in it but I don't own a scale). What I carry usually depends on the day. If the forecast calls for a sunny day, I'll leave my umbrella at home. But some things are unpredictable - like when your battery dies. I either have my battery pack or charger on hand. Food Wise
reusable mug, cutlery and a wallet
for meals on the go
tea bags
quali-tea prepation
    As Rachel mentioned in her post, I also now bring tea bags, lug a mug and cutlery set on campus to save time and money. I sometimes pack a granola bar or trail-mix for snacking between classes. TCard+ Speaking of money, your TCard gets you more than just 10% off groceries on student discount days (gasp). It's true. I like to think of it as my U of T Debit Card with a 10 cent discount on tea and bagels when I buy them on campus.
$5 dollar bill
$5 for emergencies only
First-aid Kit "Hey Zoë, do you have a tissue?" "Hey Zoë, got a band-aid?" "Hey Zoë..."
face wipes, lotion, carbon pills, hand sanitizer, hair tie, band-aids, other medicine
I probably inherited this preparedness from my dad
Growing up, my dad was a MacGyver. You name it, he probably had it. I've fortunately inherited that and am proud to be called the mom of the group when out with friends and someone needs something. Carbon tablets for food poisoning? Yup, got those in spades. Extra hair tie? I gotchu, girl. That reminds me, I should probably restock on re-hydration salts.
everything laid out
for all the what ifs
Although this contingency kit probably won't save you from a zombie apocalypse, I hope it will save you on more than one occasion! What do you bring with you on a daily basis?  

2 comments on “Contingency Pack – Being Ready for Anything at U of T

  1. Great article Zoë!

    I can really relate to this because to those who know me, I’m notorious for overpacking. I mean, that’s what *they* think. I personally don’t think there’s such a thing. I spend long days at school, and just won’t feel right stepping out of the house without a laptop, notebook, pencil case, headphones, water bottle, chargers, portable chargers, sanitizer, chapstick, and an extra pair of socks (What’s worse than wet socks? Nothing) in my bag. And that’s not even all of it.

    I like your portable cutlery idea so much I might have to steal it. Like you said, there’s something comforting about having all this stuff in your bag because it just makes for less stress when you’re leaving the house in a rush.

    I love how you made subtitles to organize all your items by their uses. Your explanation behind each of the items you carry might help everyone else make sense of people like us. Also, thank you for including so many photos too!

    If you’re interested, I write (and rant) about struggles at U of T over on my blog. You can check it out here: https://jaredlund327.wordpress.com

    1. Hi Jared! Thank you! I peaked your blog 😮 I’ve never been to the other campuses so it was nice to compare and contrast your experiences with mine so far here! And yaa I can relate to the iclickers post. I wrote about how a class I had over the summer used learning catalytics on our phones instead and we could answer much more than just ABCDE

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