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How to Make Extra Money As A Student ???

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Part of being a student is the inevitability of checking your bank account, hoping to have enough to make ends meet. While there are numerous opportunities to apply for grants, scholarships and loans, sometimes it’s just not enough. Toronto is ranked the 6th most expensive city in North America and beyond the standard costs of textbooks and tuition, there’s the ever-rising rent, utilities, food and clothing costs. I’m not great at budgeting. I have the tendency to spend beyond my limits because I am an impulse buyer and I can’t say no to a deal. Five for ten? Why buy one? Anyways, that being said, I blog for Student Life/First Nations House but it doesn't always cover all my expenses, so I’ve compiled a list of ways to make some extra moolah that work around a student’s unpredictable schedule.

On-Campus jobs and the Work Study Program

The University of Toronto offers on-campus positions and the work/study program, which allow you to gain valuable experiences in various fields. For more information, visit the Career Learning Network. Click here for information from the Career Learning Network

Pet Sitter

Do you love animals? I do! I use an app called Pawshake, which allows you to connect with pet owners looking for dog walkers, cat sitters and other types of pets. You can choose your own rates, set your own schedule and choose to accept or decline offers. I walk a goldendoodle named Walter twice a week, and it doesn’t even feel like working! Picture of goldendoodle dog

Consumer Focus Groups

These are marketing research firms that gather data from consumers. These sessions usually take between one and two hours to complete and the pay ranges depending on age, sex, demographics and other factors, but the pay average is usually between $50 to $200 per focus group. Some reputable ones off the top of my head are JMRS, PTC Recruiting and SmartPoint Research.

User Testing

This website pays you to visit websites and applications, follow instructions for its tasks and speak out loud/record your responses. You are paid $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute video you complete. Click here for information on User Testing


This site allows you to earn digital dollars, which you can redeem for gift cards at major retailers. Earn Swagbucks for for shopping online, answering surveys, playing games and watching television! Click here to visit Swagbucks

Mechanical Turk

Although computers and AI are evolving, some micro-tasks require human intelligence to complete. Mechanical Turk is offered through Amazon, which allows you to complete small tasks such as identifying objects in photos or videos, transcription of audio or video recording or data entry/research in exchange for pay. Click here for information on Mechanical Turk

Uber Eats/Foodora

If you have your own bike, awesome! If not, Bike Chain, U of T’s on-campus one-stop shop for all your biking needs and offers bikes for rental up to one week. With a

"How to Make Extra Money As A Student ???" table of contents

  1. How to Make Extra Money As A Student ???
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