Places to Study on Campus

EJ Pratt Library

This library is located near Victoria College. Despite its small size, offers a variety of study spaces in its modern and cute setting. I really like the private booths that they have when I am in need of an intense study session.

Graham Library

I absolutely love studying at Graham library because of its beauty and charm. The library, although somehow super hot, smells wonderfully like Christmas year round. If you’re looking for a cozy spot to study, this is the place to be! I highly recommend the reading rooms which remind me of a Hogwarts common room!


Gerstein Science Information Center

Gerstein Library is at the prime location. It’s a great place to study in between classes–especially if many of your classes are in Convocation Hall or the Medical Sciences Building. This is one of the most extensive libraries on campus–you will most likely get lost in its many maze-like basements. While the newer sections are modern and bright, the older parts are lovely and a favorite for me.


Gerald Larkin Building

If you are looking for a social study spot, Trinity College’s commuter lounge, also known as ‘The Buttery”, is the place to be. Sometimes one gets tired of sitting in silence, so this is a great place to grab some food, friends, and get studying. The couches near the back are also a student favorite for napping in between classes. Also, “The Buttery” is also home to a beautiful green wall–yes with real plants!


Robarts Library

Ok so this is probably not one of the most beautiful libraries, but I go here when things get real, and work NEEDS to get done ASAP. The massive Robarts library is a landmark on campus with its 13 floors. It is also one of the only overnight study spaces on campus, so it’s excellent for those all-nighters during exam season.

Bora  Laskin Law Library

This is another favorite of mine. Studying at the Law library feels almost like studying outside. The newly renovated building is beautiful and ~aesthetic~. I have probably seen this library the most often on my friends’ Instagram¬†feeds.

Caven Library

Knox College’s Caven Library is a hidden gem. It is small but insanely beautiful. Located next to Convocation Hall it is a great spot to study in between classes. I have to say, studying under the light of a stained glass window, indeed, has its own charm.

These are my favorite spots to study at on campus. However, U of T has so many more amazing libraries and study areas. Let us know your favorite places to study at in the comments below!