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A Much Needed Break

It’s Reading Week!! YASSS! Mid-October to November is usually the busiest time during the semester, so a fall reading week is precisely what I needed in my life. Some of you lucky ones get to go home for the break, or even on vacation somewhere full of sunshine and the sound of ocean waves. However, many unfortunate souls, like me, are stuck in Toronto in the dreary weather and the eerily quiet campus. Now, after enduring assignment after assignment for the past few weeks, it is quite tempting to shut my brain off for the next week and throw myself a staycation. Despite the gloomy weather, 9 days of lounging really does not seem like a bad idea. However, as university students, we understand very well that reading is something one absolutely cannot avoid during reading week. If you’re in the same boat as me you must have also pushed aside course readings for the past….um….month. Here are some ways I plan on spending the rest of Reading Week—don’t worry fun is also an essential component of my plan.
  1. Read, Study, Catch-up.
A picture of books. Comparative Politics and North American Popular Music.
Take time to catch up on the pile of readings you have been avoiding!
The mountain of readings I have been avoiding requires immediate attention. Reading Week is a great time to catch-up on ‘forgotten’ work. Not doing so well in a class? Take time to focus on the courses you might be falling behind in and reflect on what might not be working. A break like this can really help you turn around where the semester is headed. Spend this precious time wisely!
  1. Eat!
A cup of tea.
Gloomy weather calls for a cup of Hot chocolate.
I’m not referring to eating all the chips and chocolate you can find at home as you binge episode after episode of your favorite Netflix show. (Although, that isn’t too bad of an idea.) When things get hectic during the semester healthy eating drops in the list of priorities. Try out new healthy recipes, take time to enjoy your food without the worry of running to class right after, meal-prep for the next week, and perhaps meet up some friends for brunch and catch-up. 3. Relax
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Netflix is always a good idea/
Take some time in between studying to do something that clears your mind. For me, that’s lounging and watching Netflix. I have also been taking this week to read something for fun for a change. Perhaps get together with your friends to bake something, or throw a movie night, or even a spa day! Most importantly, catch-up on all the sleep you have been missing! After weeks of stress and endless work, your mind and body need to rest and rejuvenate. Some shows to watch: This is Us, Stranger Things, The Handmaid’s Tale Some books to read: Lullabies, Midnight’s Children, A Game of Thrones   These are my plans for the next few days. I hope to spend this break wisely, but also enjoy this little bit of peace and calmness before the rest of the semester hits us again. Enjoy your break and share what you have been up to this Reading Week!

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