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Eating Healthy

After living in my college’s residence for two years, I decided it was finally time to venture out and escape the little bubble I often found myself in on campus. Now that I am living off campus I have suddenly become overwhelmed with the number of responsibilities thrown at me. In my old dorm, in addition to the luxury of a weekly cleaning service, I never had to worry about food and all the responsibilities that go along with the seemingly simple concept of eating! Although I complained about my dining hall’s food on a regular basis, I now appreciate the luxury of having healthy meals ready to eat with a simple swipe of a card. In the midst of balancing school, a part-time job, and daily chores, cooking became a bit of challenge for me at first. I often found myself tempted just to skip cooking altogether and quickly grab something to eat from the many restaurants surrounding me. Grocery shopping was also a bit of a challenge because the only thing stopping me from piling up junk food and pre-made meals in my basket was my concern for my budget.
A picture of a salad
Living on your own doesn't mean you will end up eating junk food everyday! Look at this delicious salad!
In an effort to save my bank balance and of course my health, I quickly decided to limit how much I ate out. To do this, I started planning what I would be eating for the entire week and when I would cook everything. Discovering the art of meal-planning has benefitted me in so many ways. Every week I make a list of ingredients I need and only buy those specific items, then I cook enough food to last me a few days at a time. As a result, I have been able to save so much time and have cut back on unnecessary spending on unneeded groceries. (No, I definitely do not need three bags of chocolate almonds). I know some people who prepare for the week by making a food chart and listing everything they will be eating each day—try this method out it might be helpful for you too!
My roommate, Juliette's, very easy pizza recipe features a tortilla, tomatoe sauce, and cheese! So easy to make!
My roommate, Juliette's, very easy pizza recipe features a tortilla, veggies, and lot's of cheese! So easy to make!
When I first moved out, I thought I would end up eating Ramen and frozen food every day. Thankfully, I am proud to say that I have not yet resorted to the emergency Ramen in the cupboard at all! In fact, I am eating quite well for a busy university student and actually enjoy cooking.
A picture of Indian Food.
My other roommate, Ishita, had a glorious dinner yesterday!
I cannot call my self a chef at this point. However, I can say that I do not often follow recipes when cooking and have gotten closer to mastering the art of “making things up as I go.” I  find my self making stir-fry like dishes quite often. It’s so easy to just mix a variety of vegetables, some chicken (or fish), seasoning and cook everything for a few minutes. Stir-frys taste great, you can add whatever you want to them, and they are incredibly healthy!For those students who have also just moved out, I suggest trying out recipes from YouTube. My favorites are “Tasty” videos because they are simple to make yet delicious. Also, I am always on the lookout for free food events on campus because free food is always a good idea on a student budget. If you try and searching up events on Facebook, you would be surprised to learn that so many all social events at U of T feature food! I hope this article helps serves as an insight into the life of a university student and our shared struggle to find balance in our new-found independence. In our busy schedules eating right and taking care of one’s health should always be a priority! So, take some to reflect on your eating habits, and find ways to incorporate healthy eating/cooking into your life! Until next time!  

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