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Not Your Typical To-Do List

  It is that time of year again; school is in full swing, the leaves are changing colours, and to do lists are becoming longer by the day. It seems fitting to join in on the list making and set some tasks for myself to complete. Now, this isn’t an article where I share all the readings I need to do over the next month, instead I am writing about big over-arching goals I plan on achieving this year—kind of like the ‘to-do list of all to-do lists’. I hope it will serve as a daily for me as to why I am investing so much time doing readings, attending lectures, balancing extra-curriculars, a social life, and somewhat of an exercise regiment. It is important for me to remind myself what the bigger picture is and what end goals I am working towards. I thought I would share with you my top three goals for the year.
A picture of the Victoria College building.
With the school year in full swing it's time to set some goals!
  1. Make connections. As introverted as I am, I too understand the importance of making connections with those around me. This year I hope to finally overcome my shyness and talk to professors and TAs more often, especially because some of these professors will end up writing reference letters for me in the future. Now, life is not just about career building, so this goal also encompasses my aim to form positive relationships with my peers. I hope to put effort into friendships, and reach out to more people in my classes instead of shutting out the world completely while in lecture. I think friends and friendships are so important and you really cannot live a healthy life all alone. In the past I have preferred a small circle of friends, but this year I want to change that and truly make an effort to make more lasting friendships, whether it's by joining an intramural team, attending more social events, or even just starting a conversation with the person next to me in class.
  1. Get a 4.0……? You are probably smirking at this one. Yes, I set this goal every year, but have I ever attained it? No. However, why stop trying? I believe it is never too late to turn around and make a change for the better. Always aim for higher and keep pushing yourself to do better. This is what I want to remind myself this year. I want to know that every time I spend another grueling hour reading about the cell membrane or the function of a kidney I am actually working to place a big checkmark beside this goal. 
  1. Enjoy what I do. Whenever I have attended career counselling events I have received the same advice—do what makes YOU happy. I believe this is very important at all stages in life. During your university years, you need to be studying something you enjoy and feel passionate about so that you feel satisfied with investing so much time and money on university. Same goes for when you build your career—your life will become very miserable if you spend it doing something you have no passion for. This year I want to remind myself of why I am getting an education and that I am truly passionate for what I am studying and what I hope to do in the future. Even studying becomes fun when you truly enjoy it and commit to it wholeheartedly.
  This seems like a very short list; however, these three goals encompass many goals and tasks I aim to complete this year. For example, in order to make more connections I have set a goal to talk to all my professors frequently; and to improve my grades I have set smaller tasks such as completing readings on time. I believe having an end goal helps you see the bigger picture and and stay focused. Take time to think about what you want to accomplish and create your own 'to-do list'. Hopefully, by the end of the school year, we will all be placing checkmarks beside our goals!   Until next time!
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On a similar note, another goal of mine is to drink more water!

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