Searching for Water

Well, hello there!

If you’ve even seen me standing outside a classroom looking frantic, its almost definitely not because I have an impending test or other duty to perform in class. Most certainly, it’s the look on my face when I realize I have a two-hour lecture to sit through, my water bottle is empty, and I don’t know where the nearest water bottle fill-up station is.

Fortunately, nearing the end of my second year of university this is happening less and less often as I become more familiar with the campus and where the water fountains are located.

Here is one H*** station located at Trinity College's Buttery building
Here is one bottle filler station located at Trinity College’s Buttery building

I have intuitively been able to find many of the filler-stations on campus. The gyms all have (at least) one, the large cafeteria spaces all have one, and many lobbies and libraries have one. But there are dozens on campus with more being added all the time (check out the new Bora Laskin Law library!).

What that should mean is that no one should have moments of “where can I hydrate?!” anywhere on campus. I’ve dedicated this entire post to where to find water on campus, and (if you’re not already doing so) why you want to carry a water bottle with you all the time.

‘So Long, Winter!’ (or, ‘Later, Midterms!’)

“English summer eating up the atmosphere
Day-time bathers sleep in the shade
Clouds crawl over dampening our attitudes
People run for shelter from the pouring rain”

– ‘English Summer’, by The Moons

Well, we did it. Mild or not, our first winter here in Toronto has come to pass, and we’re in one piece! With one final flurry of tests, I’ve wrapped up midterm season, too. It’s a peculiar feeling – one on hand, having so many evaluations has made time pass by awfully slowly. On the flip side, it feels like freshman year has passed me by entirely too quickly.