What’s your big IDeA for making the world more accessible?

Do you have an IDeA for how to make the world easier to navigate for your peers that experience barriers to accessibility?

The 2016 Innovative Designs for Accessibility (IDeA) Student Competition wants to hear from you! IDeA is a design competition for Ontario undergraduate students which challenges you to come up with innovative solutions to accessibility issues. As an individual or with a team, participating in the competition empowers you to connect with industry, government and community partners to identify an issue, build a plan to tackle it, and implement your solution.

Among several reasons why you should think about putting your name into the competition include the opportunity to network with community partners, cash prizes, a sweet resume line, and, most importantly, the opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

To give you an idea of what kind of projects fit the bill for IDeA, let’s take a look at some finalists from U of T over the past few years.