International Perspective: A Holiday Collective

Are you an international student missing out on your “home holiday seasons” and family this year? Read on to meet some of U of T’s own international students, and their tips on how to deal with missing family, friends and holiday traditions while studying at university.

Kana sitting on a suitcase at the airport wearing her UofT sweater!
Meet Kana! She is a second year student studying Peace, Conflict and Justice, Contemporary Asian Studies and Environmental Anthropology here at U of T. Kana moved to T.O. from Osaka, Japan. She likes to meet new people and try out cool restaurants in the city!
Logan with a backdrop of the Toronto skyline.
Say hello to Logan! Logan studies Genome Biology, with minors in Physiology and Immunology. He grew up in a small rural town in Indiana, USA, and he spends his free time exploring the 6ix and admires ALL the dogs Toronto has to offer.
Charmaine wearing her frosh week t-shirt at Woodsworth College Quad.
Introducing Charmaine! Charmaine is a first year student, intending to specialize in Neuroscience. She is from Zimbabwe, and loves writing short stories, dancing, singing and watching television series when she is not doing school work.

Becoming a Morning Person: An Experiment

Anyone who knows me knows that, by nature,  I am not a morning person.

me any time before noon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             source:

Early mornings usually see me with the functioning capacity of a sloth on sleeping pills.

(Minus those two wretched early class days when I have to be up and ready to commute), I tend to sleep in and then feel horribly guilty for having wasted most of the morning.

Occasionally, ambitious 6 AM alarms are set, complete with threatening labels to motivate me to wake up….


…but with little success.

However, a week ago I was reading a Forbes article (you know, as any sophisticated, intellectual young person often does……lol jk it randomly popped up on my Facebook newsfeed) entitled ‘How to Become A Morning Person.’

Inspired by the examples of several successful early risers such as Margaret Thatcher, Indra Nooyi and Anna Wintour, to name a few, I decided to challenge myself:

Seven days, seven early mornings.

The Importance of Student Politics

A pretty important vote was held last week at the University of Toronto Student Union’s (UTSU) Annual General Meeting, at least for the Faculty of Engineering. If it failed to pass in our favor, not only would we be left with one representative on the UTSU board, we might also lose out on the 50% fees from UTSU that were agreed to be diverted to the Engineering Society (EngSoc). Thankfully, the student body came through (albeit on the second attempt, as this was a second round of voting), and we engineers kept our seats on the board. This was my first real exposure to student politics on a university level, and it’s truly opened my eyes to the importance of having it around.