My Intramural Experience!

My Intramural Experience!

Recently, I’ve been making it a priority to be more active. When you’re in school, it’s easy to get bogged down with assignments and term tests that hitting the gym is not even on your radar. This semester, I found a perfect solution to incorporate exercise into my study schedule! And that was taking part in intramurals!

The professional faculties, just like the undergraduate colleges and faculties, also participate in intramurals! Our faculty has several intramural teams in various sports. I wouldn’t say I’m the best athlete by any means. The only sport I consistently played was soccer. So I decided to join the women’s soccer team for Pharmacy. In addition, I decided to try something new! I opted to try basketball by playing with our co-ed team. I had very minimal experience in basketball, but I figured it would be great exercise! And boy, was I right! For Co-Ed Basketball, two women are required on the court at all times. I’d say we would typically only have two or three women show up for each game. Despite not having any experience, I had no choice but to play majority of the game. My fellow teammates (who are also my classmates) were positive and provided great feedback that helped me improved throughout the season.

What was great about intramurals was that it was only one game a week and the game would only be about an hour long. It was a great destressor while I was in the midterm-grind!

I can honestly say that despite being a newbie to the sport, I had a great time playing and I can’t wait for the next season!! I encourage you to try something new!

Me and the Pharmacy Co-Ed Basketball team! 🙂


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