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As the end of November approaches us, the holiday season is in the air. Christmas music is being played in the grocery store, coffee cups have seasonal doodles splattered across them (although some of them areGASP just red), storefronts are decorated with beautiful gold, silver and red themes and every so often I get the overwhelming urge to decorate a Christmas tree.

The onset of holiday season in the city comes with so many festive and wonderful events happening throughout Toronto. So…

Put down your heavy textbook! Forget about your seven page essay!  Postpone the study groups and get out there and get your early holiday season party animal on, cause people, it’s

C  H  R  I  S  T  M  A  S     M  A  R  K  E  T     S  E  A  S  O  N     <  3   ! ! !

Toronto has got a huge art/craft scene and this year I’m trying to boycott the mall (yes, I mean you, Eaton Centre) and get the majority of my Christmas shopping done at various markets around the city. The best part about shopping at markets is that your hard earned money goes towards supporting local artists and businesses in your own city!

This weekend I checked out the Trinity Bellwoods “November Edition” Market. The market took place at StudioBar (824 Dundas St. West) and had lot of vendors to check out, as well as tasty dumplings, hot apple cider and $5 mimosas to get you in the holiday spirit. Some of the vendors I really enjoyed included:

  • Heather Bird Design handcrafted leather handbags, coin purses and other delights!
  • Rowan: homespun market apothecary small batch skin and wellness products, natural soaps and organic oils.
  • FoldIt Creations delicate, wearable paper art made by Gavin Canning (he makes mini origami swans and makes them into earrings and necklaces!)
  • Citchen Candle Co. handcrafted scented soy candles that burn for up to 100 hours! Plus, they are great for people with curious pets/children because the soy wax isn’t toxic.
A photo of chocolate treats.
The cutest tasty little chocolate treats from Chocollata Gourmet!
A photo of a beautiful candle vendor.
Meet Felicia Laplume, the owner and creator of Citchen Candle Co.!
A photograph of Madeline's market purchases, an ornament, some jewelry and two candles.
Here’s hoping my mother, nana and little sister don’t read Life at U of T, because this is my market haul … and also their Christmas presents!

The Trinity Bellwoods market takes place every third Saturday, and if you are interested in some holiday market shopping this season, you can stop by on December 19th and 20th to visit some of the 75 different vendors that will be displaying their talents over the two day Christmas market extravaganza!

Other upcoming market dates:

Get out there and explore the beautiful city of Toronto and all the market festivities this holiday season, U of T! 

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