An Endless Tug-of-War: Being a Diasporic Asian

My Neighbour Totoro. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Char siu bao. Maple syrup pancakes.

Red pockets. Christmas trees.

As a child, I never questioned why my life was a mix of Canadian and Chinese culture. It had always seemed natural to participate in each culture’s respective traditions and indulge in its entertainment and food. I didn’t realize that this was partially due to the fact that I was a diasporic Asian.

An assortment of Totoro merchandise.
Any self-proclaimed Totoro enthusiasts here? (Hand shoots up.)

Playing Tourist in Your Own Town

In my last post, I talked a little bit about travelling while you’re away on exchange. Travelling is a lot of fun, but I neglected to mention one important detail…it is EXPENSIVE. With the end of the semester coming, and my bank account balance looking sadder and sadder everyday, I think my travelling days are over for now. But, fortunately, I came up with a solution. Being a tourist in my own town! No airfare to worry about, no hotels to pay for, no expensive meals out – just me and my camera wandering around Edinburgh.

Pretending to be a tourist at the National Museum.
Pretending to be a tourist at the National Museum.

Expanding Your Network!

Establishing your network is important in every profession. This is noted within the professional faculties as well as within other disciplines including engineering, business and research to name a few. Even as a student, it’s important to engage in networking events in order establish rapports with leaders within your given field. It’s the first step in getting your name out there!