Where the Magic Happens.

Every year, the Faculty of Pharmacy puts on a talent show which showcases pharmacy students and their talents. The show is affectionately called “Phollies” and is one of the most-anticipated events among the student body in pharmacy! Whether it was playing an instrument, singing, spoken word or beat boxing – Phollies has it all!

This year I was blown away with the prowess and skills that many of my fellow classmates possessed! And often times, I didn’t even know they had a knack for it! One of my friends actually performed in Phollies this year. He confessed he was always a “shower-singer” and never really ventured in the arena of performing in front of a live audience. During pharmacy school, he connected with other pharmacy students who were proficient in their own right, whether it be through vocals, drums, keyboard or guitar and together they formed a band. Since he wasn’t a formally trained singer he would state how he often would struggle hitting the notes in practice which made him incredibly nervous thinking about performing on-stage. But with the support of his bandmates, he gained the confidence to take the stage! As I sat in the audience, I would never have guessed that there was an ounce of insecurity. The band performed perfectly and gave a stellar performance as the last act of the show!

There’s a common phrase that, “if you step outside your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens”. Although my friend didn’t have any experience in performing, he took a leap of faith and by doing so he overcame his fears. And the outcome was a raving performance and new found confidence!

A Phollies Performance! [Photo Courtesy of Pharmakon Yearbook Club]
A Phollies Performance! [Photo Courtesy of Pharmakon Yearbook Club]

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