A student’s guide to the new Health and Wellness Centre, or where in the world did CAPS go?

Over the years, I’ve used health services at U of T as my family physician. In second year, for example, when my roommate and I had the (genuinely brilliant) idea to throw a candy sushi party and I woke up the next morning to a terrible reaction, the friendly staff at the clinic were there to support me through the devastating realization that candy had to be removed from my diet due to my new-found allergy.

This summer, U of T made some changes to its medical services for students. Health Services and Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) were merged into one unit called the Health and Wellness Centre. Whether you’re thinking: A) But what happened to CAPS?, B) Wait, U of T has medical services for students?, or, like me, C) But where will I go next time if I accidentally eat some Sour Cherry Blasters?, this handy guide is to help you navigate the revamped services.

So what’s changed?

All health services are now accessed through one office, on the second floor of the Koffler Student Services Centre. Whereas previously you went into different offices for Health Services and CAPS, the Health and Wellness Centre is a one-stop shop for all your wellness needs!

A picture of the stairs leading to the Health and Wellness Centre with instructions on how to get there: From the lobby of the Koffler Student Services Centre (at the St. George entrance), take the staircase to the second floor to get to the Health and Wellness Centre.

How to get to the Health and Wellness Centre from inside the Koffler Student Services Centre. If you enter from the U of T Bookstore on College Street, walk out into the lobby on the main floor. The St. George Street entrance is across from the Second Cup.

All appointments are booked through one office. Whether you’re booking an appointment for a physical or a mental health concern (or both), you can book your appointment through the Health and Wellness Centre by phone, web, or in-person. Click here for more information on booking appointments.

At your first appointment, you’ll be assessed by a nursing staff or a family physician. They will then refer you the appropriate services based on your needs. If you’re already working with a specialist on campus, don’t worry! You’ll continue to have your regularly scheduled appointments and won’t have to have an initial appointment.

So wait, one more time: where did CAPS go? It (including all counselors) merged into the Health and Wellness Centre – all mental health concerns can be addressed there!

Why? These changes are in response to student feedback collected for the Mental Health Framework. Students said that health services could be improved by allowing us to move seamlessly through them, rather than having to access different services through different offices. Having all services available through one clinic will simplify students’ experiences, and will allow physicians to collaborate with one another to provide students with holistic healthcare that meets their individual needs.

An image of an arrow that reads: "Better starts here. health&wellness"

Better starts at the new Health and Wellness Centre.

In other words – these changes were made with student feedback in mind to improve your experience and get you to the health services you need, when you need them. Don’t hesitate to reach out, whether you’re feeling sick, experiencing stress or anxiety, or just want to consult a professional – the staff at the Health and Wellness Centre are there to support you!

Check out the Health and Wellness Centre website to learn more.

Got questions about the changes, or about wellness at U of T? Chat with me in the comments or on twitter at @lifeatuoft!


Danielle is the summer 2015 Communications Intern at the Office of Student Life. She wrapped up her undergrad this year and will be entering a master's program at U of T in the fall, studying in the Faculty of Information. She previously studied English and Jewish Studies with a minor in History. Danielle studied abroad twice, in Jerusalem and Berlin, did a service learning course, and did a few work-study positions. Her favourite part of her undergrad was working at The Varsity, the campus newspaper. She was the editor-in-chief in her final year. She's passionate about good writing, student journalism, reading, knitting, long walks (on the beach or otherwise), and table tennis, which she insists she is very good at, though her friends may not agree. You can reach her on twitter @lifeatuoft over the summer if you want to chat!

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