Educational Procrastination: learning through song part 2

Every now and then, when you've been in the library for what feels like an eternity, you just need to take a break and do something entertaining. If you're like me however a quick  entertainment break often leads to several hours on netflix so I've developed a system that lets me relax but still keeps me in the studying mindset: procrastination isn't procrastination if it's educational!
a table at robarts is shown with laptops and books on it, a girl in the background smiles at the camera from behind her laptop
pictured: Rachael and I studying hard
A few weeks ago fellow blogger Sarah did a wonderful post about learning course material through song, which made me remember all of my favourite educational songs (and then spend half an hour on youtube listening to them). A few of these are songs for kids but hey, learning has no age limit, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't still sing along to them. Warning: these may be stuck in your head for days, I apologize in advance for that. First up, a trio of Animaniacs songs from everyone's favourite childhood TV show (it's important to keep in mind that these are from the 1990s and thus might not be entirely accurate anymore) Presidents of the USA (up to Bill Clinton): This song is (maybe) a lesser known animaniacs song but I've actually found it pretty useful in my American History class, plus it has some fun interesting lyrics. Countries of the World: I'm pretty sure I have been trying to memorize this song since I was a child. If you asked my roommates they would tell you that I randomly just burst into it sometimes -- I think it will be stuck in my head forever. This song does show its age however as a lot has changed globally since the 1990s so if you have a quiz on world geography coming up it may not be the most helpful. States of the USA: Another useful American history song! One day I'll be able to list all 50 American states, one day. The Elements song: Sarah had a really great elements song in her post but here is another for those of you who are really into science (or showing off at parties). I love this song but I absolutely cannot sing along to it... that doesn't stop me from mumbling my way through it though. We Didn't Start the Fire: This is an actual song from my favourite musical artist, Billy Joel. I first heard this song in 2007 and since then I've measured my progress as a history student by how many events from it I know well. One day I shall become the ultimate historian by knowing them all (that's the top level of history knowledge right?). This is the one song on the list that people probably won't judge you for listening to repeatedly. Go forth and listen! I apologize in advance for any procrastination that may result from this post.
a picture taken from a laptop that shows a girl with headphones in looking suspiciously to one side
and please don't judge me if you're currently sitting behind me in the library!

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