The Search for Study Spots

When you're a chronic procrastinator like myself, something as trivial as not having an adequate seat at the library can trigger a chain reaction that ends in watching half a season of The Mindy Project instead of working on that 30 minute final presentation due next week. So as part of my quest to explore all corners of U of T, I decided to look into some new study spots that meet my needs. I hope to one day get around to visiting all 44 libraries on campus, but for now, I'll just breakdown the latest three that I've found solace in: 1. OISE Library 3rd Floor:  I occasionally stop by OISE for classes, or as a meeting spot with friends, but only today did I discover that there were MORE FLOORS TO THE LIBRARY. The third floor is such a gem because its empty. I was there at 4pm, and there were only 2 people up there! This isn't the usual Instagram-worthy library that you might expect. If anything, it has a Toronto Public Library feel to it (in the best way possible), which makes me feel like I'm reading books for fun again, and not because of some sort of assessment. Notable Features: Close to the subway, has Starbucks and Tim Hortons extremely close by, and has outlets at the tables (!!!)
Picture of room with ceiling lights showing, carpeted floors and a portion of a laptop
...That awkward moment when you forget to close Buzzfeed before taking a picture #Guilty
2. Faculty of Information 4th Floor: Also known as the iSchool.  I ventured to the iSchool a few days ago, and the 4th floor study area is amazing! The iSchool is my new love because the high ceilings make it seem open and large. Not to mention all the seats are comfy and perfect. Notable Features: Has large windows, which make study sessions oddly less prison-like.
View of St George St. from the iSchool!
3. Hart House Library: Hart House Library is my designated quiet, chill-out library, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I've never actually studied here until a few days ago, and can I just say: there is absolutely nothing better than cushioned seats with a nice view when you're studying the day away. Notable Features: The library is so Instagram-worthy that you'll have a built-in study break activity ready to go. 
corner window seat with a lamp coming down at hart House library
Pulled from the Hart House Library Instagram, because I actually studied enough to forget to take a picture 🙁
If you have any suggestions for some new, quiet and comfortable study spots on campus, let me know on Twitter at @Api_UofT or down in the comments!

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