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So, we're approaching the middle of February. You know, the most wonderful time of the year when your dreams decide to go on sabbatical. When you either have 500 midterms/reading responses/papers the week before Reading Week, or 600 midterms/reading responses/papers the week after. Or both! It's a magical time where you can barely have smalltalk conversations with people because you're too preoccupied with looking past them with your dilated eyes, and seeing straight into your future. And by future I don't mean you at 45 years old thinking about how your C+ in Philosophy ruined your chances of affording a new backyard patio. No - I'm talking about your immediate future. The future where it's 11pm and you are just starting your 3000 word research paper on patrilineal kinship systems and their relation to the Oedipus complex. Okay, maybe I'm just projecting. Maybe your life is going totally fine right now, and you're just totally stoic. That's fine too! Still, I think robots enjoy joy too. So, in celebration of #joyatUofT I will tell you guys just some of the joyous things I've done this month to deflect the pressures of internet-age academia!
A picture of me smiling with my friend. I am holding a plate with almost an entire pizza on it. Like Famoso pizza, not Pizza Pizza's pizza. It's really fancy.
If you don't want to read the rest of my post, you could always go find joy in eating pizza.
The first thing I did was participate in ASSU's free "Laughter Yoga" event. It was exactly what it sounds like. Throughout the session we practiced prolonged voluntary laughter with other people while maintaining eye contact. Weird, right? Yeah, it was pretty weird. But eventually that forced laughter turned into real laughter, and it actually became really relaxing. Especially for a person like me who loves laughing. To top it all off, the ASSU provided us with a beautiful amount of free sushi. I definitely felt a lot lighter that day. Everyone walking past me in Robarts could definitely tell that my aura was yellow.
We're doing laughter yoga. All of us are raising our hands to the roof, and the light of the sun is hitting us. I am also wearing a very cute moose/deer print button-up.
Look at how serene this all looks!
Well, what could top that? Conversazione (or Conversat) of course! Conversat is the most formal event that happens at Trinity each year, which basically means I get an excuse to get down with my friends to Rihanna while keeping it classy with a bow tie. It's kind of like Trin's Fireball. Oops, I mean UC's Fireball, is kind of like Trin's Conversat. Just kidding!
Me and my friends posing at the pizza station. We are all holding absurd amounts of pizza. I am holding a full box. Don't be deceived by the caption; this is trashy.
Keeping it classy.
This year's theme was "A Starry Night," inspired by the Vincent Van Gogh's painting. The decorations were spectacular, and the band was amazing. The transition from Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" to "Uptown Funk" was absurd in the most spectacular way imaginable. It was all thanks to the wonderful student committee that organized this event. Thank you for bringing me such joy ~*~*
A picture of me standing in front of the Starry Night backdrop. It looks like the real painting! I'm posing with my friend, and obviously have dirt on my knees, and water on my shoes.
If you look at my knees you will see evidence of how hard I danced. Credit: Sofia Jelovac
That's what I've done so far! So, how have you guys been keeping your spirits up? Tweet with the #joyatUofT or comment below! 

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