Inside Soldier’s Tower

On Sunday the Soldier's Tower Memorial Room was open, and being a curious History Student and a general lover of all things U of T, I decided to stop by on my way to Robarts. I'd known for a while that there was a memorial inside the Soldier's Tower but I never really thought about actually going to see it until last week when I happened across the facebook page for it. The Memorial Room is next open on Tuesday 11 November, 11am-3pm (following the Remembrance Day Ceremony at 10:20). If you go to the Soldier's tower on Remembrance Day you'll also get to hear the 51-bell Soldiers' Tower war memorial carillon. The opening hours for the Memorial Room for the rest of November can be found in this PDF You reach the Memorial Room by climbing up stairs lit by some beautiful stained glass and emerge into the room behind the big panel of stained glass that you can see from Hart House Circle. It is a truely beautiful place and reminds one of all the sacrifices that members of the U of T community, Canadians, and all Soldiers made during the World Wars. looking into the doorway of the soldiers tower, a chair is below a stained glass windowimage showing a view from the top of some stairs of a poster that says "Varsity Magazine Supplement" showing a soldier standing in front of University College holding a gun in the air and a flag in his other hand. a painting of a middle aged man in a green army uniform beside a union jack  flag inside a frame. the flag is dirty and rumpled and says "canadian pioneer batallion 2" in the middle of t with the words in a circle around the 2. the same stained glass as before shown with an ontario flag and a canada flag hanging from the ceiling beside it two images: the left one showing the large stained glass feauturing 3 soldiers, a nurse, a peace dove in the top corner, a sunburst in the middle falling over rows of crosses and headstones.  a case displaying the pictures of university men who died at vimy ridge, also in the case are medals and a rock with a label "no mans land, vimy 1917." image of a case filled with war medals and pictures with text lables. the coloured light filtering through a stained glass window is reflected in the glass. view standing almost beneath the soldiers tower looking straight up at the arch, window, and clock.

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