Good Company In New York, New York

I visited New York City for the first time with U of T's Black Students' Association. Yes, New York CITY! Not Buffalo, New York. I was in the city that never sleeps. The Big Apple. New York, New York. (Cue Frank Sinatra. I was singing that song the entire trip. I am that kind of tourist.) Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 9.37.18 PM I took photos of myself in the subway. I pointed and stared and ooh'ed and aah'ed at everything we came across. All I was missing was a fanny pack, visor, disposable camera, and an "I Love New York" t-shirt to turn me into everyone's favourite obnoxious tourist. I went to Times Square. Central Park. The Met. I had a pretzel from a street vendor. I went to a Broadway show (Chicago — most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life!). Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 9.37.38 PM The best part of my trip? Hanging out at the hotel and on the bus. Spending time with the 54 awesome people that were on the trip with me. We laughed and we laughed and we laughed. We could have gone to Niagara Falls — heck, we could have all been cramped in someone's dorm on campus — and we still would have had just as awesome of a time. New York City itself was amazing, and I can't wait to go back, but the memories will stick with me are related to the people that I was there with. So, U of T, two amazing things happened to me over the break. I visited a brand new city, and I realized how truly awesome my #UofT family is. I really, really don't know what I'd do without y'all. Until next week...

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