Fire on the Dancefloor!

There is a certain spice that I personally love about second semester.  Maybe it’s that the snow clears up and it gets warm again. Or maybe it’s that we have a reading week break mid way through it… hmmmm. Nope, it’s definitely that it involves other excuses to dress up and dance, dance, dance; which is precisely what I did this past weekend.

University College’s Annual Fireball formal this past Saturday was a huge hit (as always). Upon our arrival at around 10:30, the lineup was overflowing out the front arches, along the sidewalk, and almost right into Hart House circle. Everyone was dressed to the nines: suits, dresses, heels… and eerrr ummm Greek apparel, to put it lightly. This year the theme was Olympian Knights and like any good party guests, myself and a few others thought it to be very necessary to go in full-fledged ancient fashion. Luckily, we were not the only ones that came draped in such dapper regalia for throughout the night other such jolly Olympian enthusiasts greeted us.

Maybe we overdid it a little......Nah!
Maybe we overdid it a little……Nah!

The rooms throughout Fireball were decorated quite beautifully from faux Roman column props in the dining hall to a room filled with hundreds of delicious cupcakes, chocolate fountains and topped with a Medusa ice sculpture. In fact, there were so many places to visit and see throughout the night that we didn’t even manage to make it to the JCR where there was apparently live music and singing (partially because we didn’t want to freeze to death going outside in our paper thin Togas). Instead we opted for the bumpin’ (yes I did just use that term) music the DJ was spinning in the main room.

Personally though, I thoroughly enjoyed the dining hall not only because I tend to think with my stomach but also because the Greek style props in there made for some costume appropriate photos. The food in the dining hall also wasn’t too shabby. As a self-titled Fireball veteran, I found it to be significantly better than last years buffet (kudos to you catering team).

Pretty Pretty
Pretty Pretty

I think that the only thing I would have changed this year at Fireball would have been the coat check process. Unfortunately, it took us about a half hour in line to both drop our coats off and get them at the end of the night. Possibly speeding up the process by either adding more staff or even just not having to take every person’s name with contact info as well as a ticket stub might be a well deserved change to next years planning. Mind you this little hiccup can be easily avoided by just showing up a little earlier; we didn’t exactly have a whole lot of foresight when it came to this, showing up at peak hours.

Overall I have to say it was once again a fantastic night, with some great company and just an overall fun atmosphere. I’m definitely glad we decided to dress too (and I encourage anyone else thinking about it next year to give it a go) because as my friend Agnes put it “What’s an undergrad without wearing a Toga every once in a while?”



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